Immunopathology is an immune response concorded when a host is infected by a virus or a viral agent and in often cases can also cause fatalities. The forming of immune complexes in tissues induces inflammation. Circulating immune complexes are usually harmless, but when deposited in tissues can evoke glomerulonephritis, arthritis and vasculitis. Cytotoxic T cells display quite influential effects in vitro, but have very rarely caused acute tissue affliction/damage in vivo. Disruption of cells by antibody-complement complex by antibodies and K cells or even by NK cells portrays a murky role in viral pathology. Delayed hypersensitive T cells are more crucial in immunopathology primarily as they induce inflammation, cause cell infiltration and invoke macrophage-mediated damage to the infected cells. Viral immunopathology is extremely pre-eminent in specific chronic diseases of obscured etiology. 

  • Inflammation
  • Immune responses in Veterinary
  • Immune responses in humans
  • Infection
  • Immunology

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